People are often curious about what actually happens at an appointment with our fracture clinic.

We aim to make it as simple and painless as possible.

1. Making sure your appointment is same day, straight away

2. Having your injury assessed by our qualified physiotherapists

3. Getting you off for bulk billed xrays (if you havent already had them done) so we can check the position of your fracture. We can have these reviewed by the team of sports and orthopaedic specialists too, just in case your injury needs more than immobilisation.

4. Immobilisation in a splint (like Cassie), cast or walker boot (aka moon boot)

BONUSES: We can set you up with some crutches if you need them and even get you started on some exercises

Make sure to save this video just in case you need our fracture clinic in the future and share with your friends. We’d rather you spend your time doing what you enjoy rather than waiting in hospital

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