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How much do you charge?

At Activate Physiotherapy, we are committed to providing exceptional care tailored to your unique needs. We use a tiered billing structure that reflects the experience and expertise of our clinicians. Our goal is to offer you flexibility and options to suit both your clinical requirements and financial considerations.

Tiered Billing Structure:

We understand that each patient has different needs, and our tiered billing structure is designed to accommodate a variety of preferences and budgets. The fees are categorised based on the experience level of our clinicians and the duration of the consultation.

Experience Levels:

– Recent Graduate

– 2-5 Years

– 5-10 Years

– 10-15 Years

– 15-20 Years

Consultation Duration:

– 30 Minutes – Our standard consultation. This is generally long enough to assess and treat a single injury or location

– 60 Minutes – If your condition is more complex or you have more than one area that is a problem a longer consultation is recommended

Fee Structure:

Experience 30 Minutes 60 Minutes
Recent Graduate $102 $204
2-5 Years $112.50 $225
5-10 Years $125 $250
10-15 Years $137.50 $275
15-20 Years $150 $300

Why Choose Our Tiered Billing Structure?

1. Tailored to Your Needs: Our tiered structure allows you to choose the level of experience that best fits your requirements.

2. Flexible Duration Options: Whether you need a quick 30-minute session or a more comprehensive 60-minute consultation, we’ve got you covered.

3. Financial Considerations: We understand that healthcare costs are a concern. Our tiered structure offers options at various price points, ensuring you can receive quality care within your budget.

4. Quality Care at Every Level: Rest assured, no matter the experience level, all our clinicians are dedicated professionals committed to providing top-notch care.

Specialty Consultations

As well as standard consultations we also offer specialty consultations:

  • Fracture Clinic: $260 for initial appointment which includes provision and fitting of orthosis. Some fixation devices may have an additional cost. Follow-up appointments are as per a subsequent consultation with your physiotherapist.
  • Pensioner / Concession: $10 off full priced initial and subsequent consultation fees (no discount on fracture, home or gym visits)
  • Medibank members rate (Applies to Tingalpa clinic only): Discounted rates as set and advertised by Medibank
  • HCF Members: 100% rebate on initial consult for those eligible for the “More for Muscles” program
  • Other Private Health funds: as per usual physio fees
  • Hydrotherapy or Gym based rehabilitation programs are based on the hourly rate of your physio plus travel. Patient responsible for costs of entry.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA): Fees are charged directly to DVA
  • Workcover: If you have an accepted claim with a current medical certificate your fees are charged directly to your employer’s insurer
  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP): If you have an accepted claim from a motor vehicle accident your fees are charged directly to the insurer

Corporate Health:

Pre-employment screenings (POA)
Functional capacity evaluation (POA)
Manual handling training (POA)
Onsite injury management and preventative services (POA)
Return to work services including onsite assessments, suitable duties program (POA)

What are your hours?

Monday – Thursday:  8am-7pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm

Monday – Thursday: 8am-6pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-12noon

Do I need an appointment?

The best way for us to heal what hurts and help you get on with living your life is to ensure you can have treatment at the best time for you, you should book an appointment either online, by calling your closest clinic or visiting in person.

Whilst we will do our best to assist with emergencies, acute injuries and pain we cannot guarantee walk-ins will be able to seen. Call and ask to speak with a physio if you are unsure whether you need an emergency appointment.

Do you require a referral?

Physiotherapists are “first contact practitioners” which means you do not need to see your Doctor first before coming to physiotherapy. We are trained and skilled in examination, diagnosis, treatment and advise our patients with no previous input or referral from a doctor. This can include ordering xrays and scans to assist with your diagnosis and treatment.

If you require treatment to be paid by a third party eg. Workcover, DVA, Medicare etc. you may require a referral to access funding or rebates.


Do you offer home visits?
As a clinic-based physiotherapy practice we do not routinely offer home visits. We are able to assist with providing recommendations for many fantastic physiotherapy services who can help if you need physio at home. Call and ask to speak to one of our physios.
Do you do gym rehab programs?

Gym consultations are charged at the hourly rate of your physiotherapist. Travel must also be paid for at the hourly rate. You are also responsible for covering the cost of entry to the gym (either casual visits or a membership).

Do you do hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is charged at the hourly rate of your physiotherapist. Travel must also be paid for at the hourly rate. You are also responsible for covering the cost of entry to the pool (either casual visits or a membership).

Do I need to get xrays/scans first?

No, we can arrange any xrays or scans required to assist in your diagnosis and treatment.

We are able to refer for bulk billed xrays and the cost for the majority of musculoskeletal MRI’s are the same as if you were referred by your GP.

If you already have xrays/scans relevant to your condition please bring them with you. Scans performed at QScan or QldXray can be accessed and viewed electronically.

Do you have Hicaps/instant health fund claiming?

Yes, we have Hicaps/Tyro terminals at our clinics so you can claim your Private Health Fund rebate with eligible funds at the time of your appointment and only pay the gap.

Are you part of a preferred provider program?

Yes, we are part of the HCF More for Muscles Program. This means eligible HCF members get 100% of their initial Physiotherapy consultation covered. No gap to pay. For more information click here.

Our Tingalpa clinic is part of the Medibank Members Choice program. Eligible Medibank members receive discounted capped rates for physiotherapy and lower out-of-pockets than non-Members’ Choice providers 5%, 70%, 85% or 100% depending on your cover. For more information click here.

What health funds are covered?

If you have Private Health insurance with extras cover you will most likely be covered for Physiotherapy. The amount of cover you have will depend on your membership and you should contact your fund to find out whether you are covered.

At Activate Physiotherapy Hicaps (Stafford) and Tyro (Tingalpa) terminals onsite to allow you to claim your rebate at the time of your appointment. To see the list of insurers registered with Hicaps click here. To see the list of insurers registered with Tyro click here.

How do I know how much my health fund will pay for physio?

Each health fund provides a different rebates for Physiotherapy. The rebates may also be different with each level of membership with the same insurer. The best way to find out how much you get back from your private health insurer is to contact them directly.

The item codes you should ask about are:

500 – Initial Physiotherapy Consult

505 – Follow-up Physiotherapy Consult

506/515 – Long/Extended Physiotherapy Consult

560 – Group Physiotherapy Consult

Does Medicare cover Physio?

In most cases Medicare does not provide any benefit for Physiotherapy treatment.

Patients with a chronic and/or complicated may be eligible for a referral under a Team Care Arangement from their GP which can provide access to up to 5 allied health visits per calendar year. We recommend speaking with your doctor if you believe you may be eligible for this program.

For patients who have a referral under Medicare Team Care Arangement (often called a “Care Plan”) we are able to assist you to claim the Medicare rebate at the time of the consultation. Please note we are not a bulk-billing clinic.

Do you treat Work related injuries?

Yes, we certainly do.

We are experienced in managing injuries for workers employed by small through to large organisations and are the Physios of choice for several large distribution centres in the Brisbane area.

We understand work related injuries can be stressful and place a finanical strain on you and your family. In the majority of cases if you have an approved claim with your employer’s insurer and maintain a current medical certificate we are able to invoice your treatment costs directly to the insurer.


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