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How soon can you see me?

We have same day physio appointments available Monday–Saturday and are open from 8am through until 7pm weekdays and Saturday mornings at our Brisbane branches in Stafford and Gumdale.

How quickly will I feel some relief?

It is likely you will feel relief in your initial physiotherapy sessions but everyone is different. We will work with you to create a personalised physio plan to have you feeling better as soon as possible.

When can I get back to living my life?

You should work with a physiotherapist until your symptoms have resolved or you’ve reached your goal. During your recovery we will never tell you to stop doing the things you love. In the meantime our physio will help to modify your activities design a plan to get you back to where you need to be.

No Referral Needed

Our Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners. You can see a Physiotherapist at any time and you do not need to see your Doctor first.

Wholistic Approach

We take the time to understand you and work with a network of GP’s, specialists and other allied health to heal what hurts from every angle.

Pay Only the Gap

For patients with extras cover on their private health insurance you can claim your rebate at the time of service and pay only the gap for your appointment.

One-on-One Care

You can expect your appointment to be 100% one-on-one & hands on. We don’t use assistants and we don’t use machines. We use real physiotherapists.

Active Recovery

We believe movement is medicine and encourage you to stay active and engaged in your life activities. We will facilitate exercise rehab to heal what hurts and prevent it from coming back.

Realistic Expectations

We will create a personalised plan tailored to you so you will know what to expect along your recovery journey.


Eastside Village

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Gumdale QLD 4154

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Stafford City Shopping Centre

93/400 Stafford Rd

Stafford, Qld 4053

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