As SRC stockists “How do i buy SRC Recovery shorts” is a common question our team get at Activate Physiotherapy. Luckily the answer is quite simple but before we get to that lets give you a little more information on what SRC Recovery garments do and what options women recovering from pregnancy, abdominal or gynaecological surgery have.

What are SRC Recovery Range?

Pregnancy pushes your body nearly as much as extreme endurance sports. Speeding up recovery after delivery, the peak of this marathon event, is a crucial part in enjoying a healthier motherhood journey for you, your baby and your family.

SRC Recovery garments aid in the treatment of

  • C-section wounds,
  • Perineal trauma
  • Episiotomy wounds.

They also treat multiple postpartum conditions such as

  • Abdominal muscle separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)
  • Lower back pain.

SRC Recovery garments provide you with increased stability and allow you to move more freely post-delivery, making lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for your baby much easier.

With no adjustable buttons, velcro or zips, the Recovery garments are like a second skin. There’s no need to constantly adjust while you’re wearing them. Recommended by health care professionals for improving mobility and pelvic muscle function postpartum, these garments have become a must-have inclusion in hospital bags of women the world over.

 SRC pregnancy range are therapeutic garments that offer support and compression that is wearable all day due to their patented True Cross Compression Fabric and Anatomical Support Panels (ASP). This makes the SRC recovery range ideal for providing all day support to the back, pelvis and to assist with healing abdominal seperation. Unlike other garments that bind the abdomen and reduce muscle activation, inhibiting healing, research shows SRC recovery garments increase abdominal muscle tone and reduce the separation distance.

What options are available in the SRC Recovery Range?

The SRC Recovery range comes in 3 differing leg lengths and an over or under bump option. Here’s why you might choose each option:

Recovery Mini’s

Lots of our patients prefer the recovery mini length in our Queensland climate as they’re the perfect length to go under shorter skirts, dresses and shorts. They’re not super short and come down to a flattering point on your thigh so you can still wear them as outer wear if you prefer. The mini length is also the easiest to put on so if you have had a ceasar or you need a quick option the mini’s are the way to go.

Recovery Shorts

Recovery shorts are the original SRC recovery garment. They come down to just above the knee and like the mini’s can be worn as under or outer wear. The key difference is because the compressive fabric goes further down your legs they do give a bit better vascular return than the minis so if you are suffering issues with varicosities in the groin and pelvis these are the option to go with.

Recovery Leggings

Full length recovery leggings provide the best venous return and are a fashion staple that can be worn like any other pair of black leggings. However, recovery leggings may not be preferable for women who live in warmer climates and are also going to be slightly more difficult to put on than our shorter styles. We love them for exercising in and recommend them for mums who are travelling or who are at risk or showing signs of varicose veins.

A note on colour choice

The whole SRC Reovery range is available in black. We love that they dont have logos and branding all over them so you can wear them with your regular clothing out and about or to work without feeling like you’re constantly in your active wear.

Some items are also available in champagne, a neutral colour so they can be worn even more discretely or under light coloured clothing too.

How long do they last?

The SRC recovery leggings were subjected to a 100-wash test in which they retained their original size and shape when compared against competitor’s  leggings which shrunk significantly. SRC recovery leggings also retained the same level of compression at the conclusion of testing whilst competitor recovery leggings lost some level of compression.

So whilst there may be other cheaper products on the market the SRC recovery range are a great investment that you know will actually do what they say they do.

When can I start wearing SRC recovery shorts/leggings?

The recivery range can be worn from birth and are proven to be effective for 8-10weeks although they are so comfy you can wear them for longer and many of our patients will use them for multiple pregnancies.

Ok I want them – how do I buy SRC Recovery Mini Shorts or Leggings?

Great! We’re glad you’ve decided to follow our advice and get an SRC Recovery Garment to help you recover after pregnancy or abdominal or gynaecological surgery.

You can be measured for your SRC recovery mini shorts or leggings from 36weeks gestation so best to come in around that time so you can pack them in your hospital bag.

The best way to buy them is to be properly measured and fitted by an expereinced member of our team. You can call your nearest clinic Stafford or Gumdale or book online for your free measurement and fitting session.

If you cant come to the clinic or are confident you know your size (we only recommend this for women who’ve been measured elsewhere or who are ordering additional pairs of SRC Recovery garments), you can simply call and place your order over the phone. Remember these are medical garments so your sizing wont necessarily correspond to fashion sizes.

As preferred SRC suppliers we will process your order immediately and have your SRC pregancy garment in for you within 1-2working days – plenty of time to get them packed before heading to the hospital.

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