Back pain? Not anymore!
Follow our 5 easy steps to get pain free and stay there.

1. Fix your Posture

Whether you’re sitting or standing, your posture is the number one contributor to back pain. If you sit at work, try standing and doing a few mini-squats to reset your posture.

2. Stretch it Out

Keeping your muscles flexible will prevent them from putting extra strain on your back. A stretching program, foam roller massage, yoga or Pilates is perfect.

3. Stay Strong

Strong core and gluteal (bottom) muscles protect your back from injury and help you to maintain good posture even when you are fatigued.

4. Use Heat

A hot pack or warm shower can help to relax any muscles in spasm and ease niggling aches or pains.

5. Keep Active

Sure you need to rest an injury, but did you know that resting for any longer than 48hours can do more harm than good.

This advice is only intended to be general in nature and wont suit every presentation. If pain persists or worsens you should see your physio.