Did you know

  • Lower back pain is much more likely to be suffered by men (61%) than women (39%)
  • Men are more likely than women to get sick from serious health problems
  • Male deaths from nearly every non-gender specific condition, outnumber female deaths by up to 4times

Despite this, it’s interesting to note that men are far less likely than women to make an appointment to see a health professional for help to manage any signs or symptoms they may be experiencing.

Why is this the case?

Well, there are several theories used to explain these findings:

  • Men are traditionally more likely to be engaged in occupations and leisure activities with increased injury risk

But, this doesn’t explain why men don’t seek help so we need to look a little further:

  • Even when they are not unwell, women are accustomed to making appointments for things like managing pregnancies, where there is no male equivalent.
  • The “macho-man” nature in Australian culture makes it seem weak to admit you’re in pain or sensing something might be wrong with their health

You may have seen the “It’s OK to Talk” campaign doing the rounds on social media, raising awareness of male suicide and encouraging men to talk about their mental health and ask for help. It’s a great excuse to encourage men of any age to seek health for any ailments they may be suffering even if it’s just to check that they ARE doing OK!

So next time you notice that niggle in your back or the pain in your elbow each time you pick up something more than a kilo, know that here at Activate Physiotherapy we think it’s OK for you to come along and get it checked out.