Distal Ulnar Fracture

Distal ulnar fractures are less common than distal radius fractures but a moderate percentage can often occur together depending on the mechanism of injury. This is especially the case when someone falls onto an outstretched hand.

Isolated distal ulnar fractures are usually the result of a direct blow/force and has been seen when someone is defending themselves against an attacker and is also known as a ‘night stick injury’. Fractures can occur at various points on the ulnar but is seen quite often at the wrist end of the ulnar called the ulnar styloid (very end).

The ulnar styloid is also a very important attachment point for ligaments that have a stability role in the wrist. A fracture to this area may seem relatively simple but it is important to consider what other structures were injured in the process and how they impact on the stability of the wrist. Our expert Physiotherapists will thoroughly assess your wrist and arrange an Xray to assist with diagnosis and correct management. Inadequate rehabilitation is common and the effects of this are often experienced later on. A complication for healing ulnar fractures is non-union but with timely and appropriate treatment a good outcome can be achieved in most cases.  

Treatment for a Distal Ulnar Fracture

The key to getting a good result after a distal ulnar fracture (or any other fracture) and returning to full function is early management. Activate Physiotherapy offer same day appointments to attend their fracture clinic to ensure your distal radius fracture is managed with the best management from the start. 

Following your Xray our Physiotherapists will fit you into a custom short arm fracture splint. In most straight forward cases your distal ulnar will be immobilised for around 6 weeks. 

Our approach is unique and our physiotherapists understand the importance of integrating your rehab during the healing process and will assist you with a rehabilitation program at the various stages of your healing journey. This reduces the complications that often occur from wrist fractures. 

How to Make a Fracture Clinic Appointment

Making an appointment at our fracture clinic is as easy as booking online for your nearest Brisbane based Activate Physiotherapy clinic in Stafford or Gumdale.

No Xray? No problem!

We can arrange bulk-billed xrays to confirm diagnosis and monitor healing.

Need your cast removed?

We can help with that too! We are able to remove backslabs and full plaster or polyester casts