Your Physio will select the appropriate exercises from the list below for shoulder conditions/injury. Do not continue with the exercises if you experience any severe pain and/or discomfort. If you do experience any adverse symptoms please stop exercise immediately and discuss with your Physio at the next consultation.

Posterior Capsule Stretch:

Lie onto your affected shoulder.

The arm should be in front of you with the elbow bent 90 degrees

Use your unaffected arm to push the arm down (push towards bed)

Hold with a firm pressure for20-30 sec

Repeat 3-4 times

Active Assisted Exercises:

Using a broom stick/walking stick guide the movement of your affected shoulder with your non affected arm

When you get to the end of you range provide extra movement by pushing with your unaffected shoulder to complete full movement

Reps: _____ Sets: _____

Shoulder Pulley:

Using the shoulder pulley device guide the movement of you affected shoulder with your non affected arm

Try moving your shoulder in all directions. Use the pictures (Left) to help.

Try moving your shoulder through its full range

Reps: ____ Sets:_____